The round the world bush flying adventure

Ok, I know… before anyone says it, I’m a massive nerd. Not that it’s going to come as a surprise to you? It’s probably why you watch my antics on Twitch. However pretty much my all consuming passion is aviation. I’ve been obsessed since I was a child and took my first flight that I can actually remember on a leased British Airways L1011 Tristar from Glasgow to JFK.

As this was the beginning of the 90’s and tragic events that would prevent cockpit visits were still two decades away, I was lucky enough to be asked up to the flight deck. I was immediately in love with all the lights and the screens and the amazing view. Something that has never left me. I narrowly missed a career in fast jets with the Royal Air Force, but I’ve made up for it with a serious flightsim habit.

Over the years I’ve probably had every major sim going back to Strike Force Harrier on the Commodore 64, and prominent in that collection has been Microsoft’s offerings going back to version 4.

So I am utterly delighted to get my hands on FS2020 after a decades wait.

To say I’m happy with the fidelity of FS2020 would be an understatement.

To celebrate this fact, I am embarking on a round the world tour using the Cub Crafters X-Cub wherever possible, and for over ocean trips the TBM930. I want this too feel like a challenge, like the aviation pioneers of old. So no cheating, no time compression, no teleporting, realtime, real weather.

I don’t know, where this journey will end up and the route I’m going to take, just point the compass and go.

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