The great pandemic move

So what would be one of the dumbest things you could probably do in the middle of a global pandemic? I mean other then licking shopping trolley handles in the Tesco Carpark. For me, it was deciding to sell up and move from suburbia to a 220 year old cottage in the country. How terribly clichéd.

What is has meant is that I have spent the last six months surrounded by boxes. Painting things and generally driving myself nuts. On top of that there has been much personal life drama that I could have entirely done without.

Also, the battle station needed an upgrade badly. Given the current climate that took months to arrive too.

[SIDEBAR] If you are a graphics card scalper, and I say this with no trace of irony. You are the scum of the fucking earth, a parasitic piece of shit taking advantage of a global crisis. You are the modern day equivalent of a war profiteer. You are why we can’t have nice things and stuff takes six months to arrive. I hope you get a really itchy venereal disease.


Anyway. It’s been a while. But this serves as my announcement to returning to streaming and gaming.

So I’ll leave you with some photos of turning my attic, from a land that the 70’s forgot into a modern gamin studio and edit suite.

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